Photoshoot Submission Form

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1 Hour session - $180

  • 1-2 person

  • 4 photos fully retouched

  • 25 color corrected raw photos*

  • 1 print & sales rights

2-4 Hours session - $300

  • 1-2 person

  • 7-10 photos fully retouched

  • 30+ color corrected raw photos*

  • up to 3 prints & sales rights

Additional fees

  • More than 2 people; $20 per additional person

  • Additional full retouch editing - $15 per image

  • Additional prints + sales rights - $80 per image

  • Travel fee apply to long distance locations. Fee does not apply in event of client provide forms of transportation.

*photos may include similar poses with a slight different angle

Payment and Policy

Payments can be submitted through PayPal or Venmo once your photoshoot is confirmed and booked. I will provide information for payment once confirmed.

A 50% down payment will be due by the time of the scheduled shoot and the remaining balance can be paid once your photos are done and ready to send. If you find it more convenient to pay the full price up front, that can be arranged. Please note that the deposit will be non-refundable and there are no refunds.

How it will work

You may change the date of your photoshoot within 7 days of reserving the date.

You are welcome to bring friends to the photoshoot.

You are welcome to bring reference pictures, drawings, screenshots, storyboard, etc to help convey your ideas.

Please finish applying make-up before the photoshoot. You may bring makeup for minor touch ups or alterations. 

Copyright on all images belongs to Alive Alf Photography. Images you receive will be watermarked (excluding photos for prints & sales). Removing, modifying, or distributing images without consent in any way will breach the terms of use.

You are allowed to edit and modify the raw photos.

All use of images must be properly credited when posted and shared to any social media platform. Any additional comments, questions and concerns can be sent to I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you and let's make some magic together!!


Name *
Phone *
I will be contacting you on the day of the shoot for any last minute updates. Number will be removed after the shoot.
Package *
e.g., Portraits, Lifestyle, Lolita, Cosplay (provide the name of the character & series)
Date of the shoot
Date of the shoot
Doesn't have to be the exact date if you're still unsure.